Getting Started with CFDs

The most convenient way to trade the markets

For example:

Gold is quoted at $1160.00 (SELL) to $1160.50 (BUY). You predict that the price of gold will drop. You open a SELL position by selling 25 ounces (amount) at the offered price ($1160.00) and make a profit of $125.

How is that possible?

The price of gold plummeted and is now $1155.00. You close the position (i.e. you BUY back the gold) and your profit is the sum of pips dropped:

$1160.00 – $1155.00 = 5.00
+5.00 x 25 (amount) = $125 profit


Our trading platform enables you to trade over 1,000 of the world’s most famous financial assets – in all 5 markets:











Unlike traditional trading with an investment house or a bank, trading CFDs gives you the freedom of opening trades on hundreds of top underlying financial assets with fixed spreads and zero commissions. As a result, this eliminates the need for any paperwork or contractual agreements with any third parties.

Our leverage is very flexible and allows you to maximize your investment by up to x200. this means that each time you invest $250, you can actually trade with $50,000, allowing your potential profits to be respectively higher.

CFDs are increasingly becoming the first choice of investment for modern traders.
They allow you complete independence and the ability to build a personal portfolio that suits your budget and financial goals.

  • Diversification

    500pips is an online brokerage that operates with significantly reduced costs compared to traditional stockbrokers and investment houses. We pass these savings on to our clients by offering competitive fixed spreads on all assets. All trading at 500pips is commission free with no hidden fees or other charges. We work hard to reduce your investment costs and offer you the best possible trading environment.

  • Profit opportunities

    It is possible to profit from CFD trading in both rising and falling markets. You can either open a “SELL” position and profit as the asset price drops or open a “BUY” position and profit as the asset price rises. orders give you a high level of flexibility and control over every trade that you make.

  • Risk management

    Exercising smart money management is always possible thanks to the stop loss/take profit parameters. By automatically closing any open position in case the price either drops or rises beyond a predetermined point, you can continuously maintain your risk levels conservatively.

  • Leverage

    Leverage enables you to gain a large exposure to any financial market with only a small amount of your capital. By doing so, you are able to increase your overall profits only because they are based on the total investment amount of the position.

Generally speaking, everyone can trade CFDs. People who trade CFDs are looking to profit from all 5 major financial markets without having the need to rely on an actual financial institution, such as a bank or an investment company or buy actual shares and bonds.

On top of that, there is no real need of any financial experience to get started. Our traders range from experienced investors to people with no financial background, who learned to trade CFDs with the help of our premium training package.

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